Why Character is The Cornerstone of Responsible Real Estate Leadership

Jocko Willink, former US SEAL and leadership expert, shares proven strategies on how real estate leaders can forge a solid and powerful team. 

Leadership is more than guiding your agents through the transaction; it’s about cultivating trust, orchestrating your team members effectively to make the best use of their individual skills and interests, and creating an unwavering commitment to excellence through the whole group.  

One trait that keeps coming up in regard to leadership is “character.” I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase, “he’s such a character!” or “I love when Darryl gets into his characters on the calls!” But what does it mean to have character? Why is having good character a MUST for leaders? 

Character in Responsible Leadership 

A responsible leader isn’t just defined by their actions in the professional realm but also by their inherent qualities as a person. In this context, character is a multi-faceted concept, encompassing virtues that guide a leader’s decision-making process. Aristotle had some thoughts on what being a person of good character means: 

  • Prudence: At the forefront of character lies prudence, closely associated with wisdom and humility. A responsible real estate leader understands the value of diverse perspectives and actively seeks the input of others (wisdom). They also exhibit humility, recognizing that no one person holds all the answers. 
  • Fortitude: Fortitude, often referred to as courage, is the compass that steers a leader towards righteous action. In the dynamic world of real estate, it takes courage to navigate complex situations and make decisions that align with ethical standards and values. 
  • Temperance: This virtue acts as a stabilizing force. In real estate, where passions and ambitions can run high, a responsible leader exercises restraint, avoiding impulsive decisions and maintaining emotional balance. 
  • Justice: This is the cornerstone of responsible leadership. A leader in the real estate industry ensures fairness in all interactions, treating people equitably and refraining from taking undue credit for others’ achievements. 

Character is more than just acting like a good person; it’s developing a solid and unshakable set of virtue ethics that are the building blocks of who you are. Without good character, no other quality of a leader matters.  

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Jocko Willink’s Thoughts on Responsible Leadership 

A couple of our Smile Squad members recently had the pleasure of hearing Jocko Willink speak at a conference. One of the points he often touches on in his seminars is the need to be a responsible leader and what that means for you, as well as your team.   

  1. “Extreme Ownership”: Accepting Responsibility for Triumphs and Failures
    Jocko Willink’s notion of “Extreme Ownership” underscores the significance of taking complete ownership of outcomes, whether they are good or bad. As a real estate leader, this means acknowledging accountability, and taking responsibility for the setbacks, as well as sharing the joys of success. Just as the captain of a ship enjoys the perks of being captain, he’s still the one who would go down with the ship after evacuating everyone else. Recognize that the results reflect the collective efforts of the entire team, and it’s your duty to steer them toward success. 
  2. Leading through Exemplification: Demonstrating the Standard of Excellence You Envision
    Real estate leaders serve as beacons of guidance and motivation for their teams. You are the one with the answers, ready to coach your team members as they prospect, generate leads, meet with clients, and close deals. Jocko’s principle of leading by example resonates profoundly in this context as he urges you to be the paragon of leadership that you aspire your team to become. Exhibit the work ethic, integrity, and professionalism you expect from them in the same way that you are the first to cheer and congratulate team members on a personal win. This not only fosters a culture of excellence but also establishes trust and admiration.
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  3. Effective Communication: Striking a Balance between Listening and Decisiveness
    Effective communication is paramount in the real estate industry. Jocko underscores the importance of finding balance between attentive listening and resolute decision-making. Actively absorb your team members’ needs and concerns, then make astute decisions that demonstrate your unwavering commitment to their best interests. 

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The Takeaway 

Between Aristotle, one of history’s greatest minds, and Jocko Willink’s leadership principles, we can see the need for character and responsible leadership. No matter where you turn these days, there are more and more examples of poor or corrupt leaders, and that means we must all ensure that we are leading in a manner that we can truly be proud of. After all, your team can only be as exceptional as its leader! 

For Your Agents… 

By showing your own strength of character helps develop the character of your team, both as a group and as individuals. We want to share an article with you for you to share with your team. 

It outlines the importance of having good character and integrity and why it’s so important in this industry, as agents everywhere strive to be seen as professionals rather than salespeople.  

READ MORE HERE…The Four Cardinal Virtuals of Good Character

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