These are the fastest-growing cities in Dayton region

Every city strives to grow, retaining existing residents while attracting new workers, residents and visitors. With a storm of new development continuing to fill pipelines across the Dayton region, local growing cities are set to continue their upward momentum.

The Dayton Business Journal took another look at its Largest Municipalities List and reranked local entities by population growth since 2010. The majority of the top 10 land in Montgomery and Butler counties.

The top 10 growing cities account for 40% of the region’s total population as of 2021, seeing cumulative population gains of 16,200 people.

With development following rooftops, it’s no surprise the top 10 have a plethora of projects in the pipeline from restaurants, entertainment and industrial to residential in support of continued growth.

NOTE: Click the gallery to see the top growing cities, ranked by population gains, and some current development projects supporting growth.

The top 10 municipalities have cumulatively operated for almost 700 years. Middletown is the oldest of the fastest growing, incorporated more than 130 years ago in 1886. Comparatively, Monroe is the youngest of the fastest growing, incorporated less than 30 years ago in 1995.

Here are some municipalities witnessing population losses:

  • Trotwood (-6%) – dropped its population by 1,400 over the last decade to 23,000 people.
  • Riverside (-3%) – dropped by 700 people to 24,300.
  • Dayton (-3%) – dropped by 3,600 people to 137,500.
  • Springfield (-2%) – dropped by 1,000 people to 58,800.
  • Xenia (-2%) – dropped by 640 people to 25,500.
The List

Rank Prior Rank Municipality



City of Dayton



City of Springfield



City of Kettering

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