If you are selling ANYTHING you need a sales funnel.

This applies to Grant Cardone, Tony Robins, and you…equally.


I would even go out on a limb and say that sales funnels are MORE important for us in commercial real estate than other industries.

This is because our purchase cycle is FREAKIN’ LONG.

We’re also dealing with more time between the introduction to contract, because when a transaction involves more money, it takes longer for the lead to make the decision to sign.


When time is a major factor in our businesses, we must consider being top-of-mind as a priority.


Here’s the worst-case scenario, that has very likely happened to you at some point.

You nailed a cold call and won over a potential client.

They told you they’re very interested, but they’ll call you back “when they’re ready” in X months.

You agree and make a note to call them back.

A few weeks go by, and you see a press release announcing the same prospect has been signed with another agent! 



Someone else became top-of-mind when your prospect was ready to sign.

You didn’t do anything wrong; you simply weren’t there.


How will a sales funnel stop this?

A sales funnel will nurture your prospects over time, completely hands-free, allowing you to work on your current listings.


Steps your sales funnel takes automatically:

Step 1: Once your prospect enters your sales funnel, they will be greeted with your lead magnet(s).

Step 2: They will receive 5-6 welcome emails.  Each email will focus on a problem your lead is likely facing and an explanation on how you solve those problems.

Step 3: They will receive your newsletter to keep in touch long-term.  You can start with monthly newsletters and work your way up to bi-weekly or weekly.


Sales funnels allow you to build trust over time.


Oddly, sales funnels aren’t often used in commercial real estate.

Even larger brokerages have a hard time tackling the concept of a sales funnel.


It’s simply staying-top-of-mind.

Ensuring that YOU will be in front of your prospect when they are ready to sign a contract. Keeping Joe Common Man at the bottom of your lead’s contact list.


If you’re ready to start working on your sales funnel, the first step is getting a website.  Can’t scale without landing pages and integrations!


Anyone can create a pretty website, slap buttons on it and claim it’s “lead gen.”


I’m the only one offering the Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel Masterclass to give you strategies on how to drive traffic to your website, create lead magnets that work, and nurture your leads so you can bring in more sales.


A website without the ability to generate and nurture leads is jewelry.  It’s nice, but not useful.


Without a sales funnel, you won’t get long lasting results, period.

If you’re nodding along, let’s get started!  Schedule a call or zoom.

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I want to start with you.

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