Next-Level Real Estate Marketing. Fresh Ideas for Memorable Campaigns

Over the past few years, direct mail real estate marketing has seen a resurgence. Experts chalk it up to the overuse of email marketing, but direct mail outperforms most digital marketing tactics, according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Direct mail marketing’s “response rate ranges from about five to nine times greater than that of email, paid search, or social media,” according to the pros at

Pretty impressive, right? Yet, at least in the real estate industry, it’s still not utilized like it could be.

This leaves the door open for agents seeking an additional marketing vehicle and a way to stand out.

Niche real estate postcards

A few years ago, scientists at Temple University’s Fox School of Business Center for Neural Decision-Making teamed up with the Postal Service to study the circumstances under which email or direct mail was more effective.

Postcards were more effective in five of the nine tests performed.

The most popular postcard agents are familiar with are the time-tested Just Listed and Just Sold postcards, which are still highly effective. To stand out further in this market, consider a local market update on the postcard back or a QR code leading to a valuable direct response flyer opt-in.

To think outside the postcard box, there are a multitude of real estate niches that you can drill down and focus on to stir up interest.

Some popular niches include baby boomers, high-income renters, expired, absentee owners, FSBOs, move-up markets, and investors. The more obscure niches include divorce, foreclosure, estate sale, and notice of default.

ProspectsPLUS! has postcard designs available in all of the niches listed above, already done for you with the perfect message for the niche market.

Education Direct Response Reports

Direct response reports are a great educational tool, filled with valuable information homeowners appreciate.

You can share them on social media as a “free offer”, include them in your email newsletter as a free offer, add them to your website as an opt-in in exchange for an email address, or add them to your listing presentation folder and pre-listing packet.

Personally branded agent magazines

Consider a personally branded agent magazine to level up your real estate presence in a way that few agents do. Homes & Life Magazine is a done-for-you magazine with rich, full-color content.

It includes compelling, direct response-driven articles, and engaging lifestyle content, and costs less to send out than a greeting card!

Sphere or farm scheduled postcard campaign

When clients need a real estate agent, it pays to have an easily recognizable name at their fingertips. But coming up with fresh, eye-catching content and sticking to a regular schedule of sending this content out is incredibly time-consuming.

A scheduled, recurring postcard campaign is the easiest way to maintain brand exposure and stay relevant while freeing time for more high-level tasks.

According to Lenskold Group, 78% of marketers reported that marketing automation increased revenue.

And 75% of brands saw a return on investment within 12 months due to using automated marketing campaigns (Focus Research study).

Launching a scheduled marketing campaign is the best way to make every moment count in your business, raise your brand profile, and stay relevant.

ProspectsPLUS! offers over 40 scheduled postcard campaigns, including sphere, farm, renters, absentee owners, holiday, and other niche markets.

PLUS: When you have time…below are some marketing tools to help support your success.

1. Put Your Real Estate Business a Step Above with Your Own Branded Magazine

Homes & Life Magazine is a customizable magazine with rich, full-color content and a sharp, professional aesthetic. It includes compelling, direct, response-driven articles written by real estate industry experts and engaging lifestyle content. Send out Homes & Life Magazine in Just Minutes – No Minimums Required. Or we’ll ship it to you. Homes & Life Magazine is the ultimate “Coffee Table Lingerer”! …and it costs less than sending a greeting card!Click Here

2. The Free 6-Month Done-For-You Strategic Marketing Plan

The Real Estate Marketing Planner is a powerful 6-Month Guide that strategically defines what marketing to do and when. Four key market segments include niche Markets, geographic farming, sphere of influence, and past clients. – Click Here

3. The Free Interactive 6-Month Real Estate Business Review

The Free Interactive 6-Month Real Estate Business Review allows you to enter your business goals for the remainder of the year and get a breakdown of how many prospects, listings, closings, and so on are needed to reach your goals.   – Click Here

4. The Become a Listing Legend Free eBook 

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Ready to take a vertical leap in your real estate career? If you’re looking for inspiration…and the tools and methods to dominate a market and go to the top in real estate…you’ll find them in this free book. – Click Here


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