Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr expands real estate practice with creation of Maverick Title Service business

Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr PLLC is expanding its real estate practice by forming a new title insurance company, Maverick Title Services.

“The biggest catalyst for this was the need to provide quicker, more efficient service to our real estate clients, one of our fastest growing practices,” said law partner Jacob Lamme. “It is really about streamlining. We just knew with some commercial real estate deals [especially those out of the area], we were waiting longer than we should have been with title searches.”

Starting Maverick Title Services is expected to speed up the process.

Located on Western Avenue in Guilderland, Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr was founded nearly four years ago when the four founding partners left larger firms — Carter Conboy and McNamee Lochner — that had disbanded after a century in business. Since then, MCLC has grown to a dozen attorneys and eight support staff. A 13th attorney will join the firm after she passes the bar exam.

Maverick will be overseen by MCLC co-founders Lamme and Brian Carr. The title insurance service business will be housed inside the firm’s law offices at 1881 Western Ave.

Paralegal Pauline Morris will serve as the title coordinator.

MCLC focuses heavily on litigation, corporate law, real estate and discrimination cases.

The number of residential and commercial real estate deals accelerated several years ago and Lamme said there has been only a minor slowdown over the past year.

Rising interest rates have had only a minor impact on the number of residential real estate cases that MCLC is handling, Lamme said. Meanwhile some commercial deals have slowed down, while others continue to push forward.

“It’s not a huge, noticeable drop,” Lamme added.

The decision to start Maverick meshes well with MCLC’s strategy dating back to when the firm was started.

Fellow co-founder Adam Cooper has said the firm’s goal was to remain small enough to be nimble and able to respond to opportunities while also focusing on practice areas and skills that cannot be commoditized.

Even with the formation of Maverick Title Services, MCLC expects to continue working with other local and regional title insurance services firms.

“We will do whatever makes the most sense for the client,” Lamme said.


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