How Far in Advance Can You Book a Disney Trip?

For some visitors, planning a trip to Walt Disney World often means hours, if not weeks or months, of research. How far in advance you can book Disney reservations, however, depends on what you’re trying to book and when.

Hotels, dining and theme park tickets all have different timeframes for booking. Here’s a look at how far in advance you can book a Disney trip.

How far in advance can you book Disney park reservations?

In recent years, Disney implemented a theme park reservation system which was required in addition to an admission ticket. The exception: Visitors with a one-day date-specific, park-specific ticket, since it’s automatically reserved and doesn’t require them to make a separate reservation.

In May, Walt Disney World announced a major change to this pandemic-era policy: A park reservation will be necessary through Jan. 8, 2024, only.

Effective on Jan. 9, 2024, reservations will no longer be required for visitors who purchase date-specific tickets. Date-specific tickets are base tickets, like one- or three-day tickets.

Other types of theme park admission — for example, student group tickets, and Annual Passes — will still require a theme park reservation after Jan. 9, 2024.

Currently, Disney’s theme park reservation availability is offered through January 2025.

How far in advance can you book Disney hotels?

In years prior, you could book a room-only Disney hotel up to 499 days in advance. However, this booking window has changed for Disney Resort Collection hotels. Now, you can book dates only as far in advance as Disney opens the calendar. Currently, the Disney hotel calendar is open through the end of 2024.

How far out can you book Disney dining reservations?

Dining at the parks is a Disney experience that many visitors plan in advance for. The most-popular restaurants accept dining reservations but can fill up quickly.

If you’re planning a visit and want to secure a character dining experience or return to a favorite restaurant, you can make a reservation as far out as 60 days before arrival.

Exactly 60 days out from your date, the reservation calendar is available at 6 a.m. ET for some restaurants.

Disney Resort hotel visitors get the benefit of booking advanced reservations for the entire length of the stay, up to a 10-night stay. For example, if your visit is from June 5-10, you can book a dining reservation on any day of your stay 60 days before June 5.

This gives you early access to the reservation calendar for the latter part of your stay, compared with those visiting without a Disney Resort hotel booking.

Can discounts be applied after booking?

Although you might be eager to plan your Disney trip sooner rather than later, some visitors worry about missing out on discounts and deals.

If you’ve already booked your reservation or stay, go through your My Disney Experience account and select “Change/Modify Reservation” to rebook your dates with the special offer. Another option is speaking to a Cast Member through the phone number on your reservation confirmation to have them apply for the discount.

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