Famous rotating home in San Diego hits the market for first-time ever at $5.3M – CBS News 8

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LA MESA, Calif — Sweeping ocean views or mountain sunrises? Both are possible from the first-ever listed rotating home in the hills of La Mesa.
“This unique and innovative property can be best described as an architectural marvel showcasing an incredible combination of luxury, functionality, and technological advancements,” said real-estate agent Melvina Selfani.
The widely featured home in the 4000 block of Mount Helix Drive went up for sale on June 16 for a whopping $5,300,000 – but the price tag comes with a view of your choice – literally.
Designed as a rotating home, the property offers a one-of-a-kind living experience that combines functionality, luxury, and breathtaking views, as it slowly rotates 360 degrees from the East County mountains, to San Diego’s famous coastal views.
The home was originally built in 2004.
“Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, fingerprint locks, 4.8KW of photo voltaic panels, gas and electric tankless water heaters, a computerized lighting system that can be operated from cell phones from anywhere in the world, and a roof that can be flooded in case of fire,” said Al Johnstone, the mastermind behind the home’s rotating concept.
Al Johnstone and his wife physically built about 75% of their home themselves, while they outsourced certified structural and mechanical engineers for other tasks.
Selfani said there is truly nothing else like the home.
More details about the home are available here.
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