Elevate Your Client Follow-Up: 7 Reasons for Realtors® to Use a Personally Branded Magazine from ReminderMedia

Real estate agents know the importance of following up with their clients, but often find it challenging to execute consistently and effectively

Top-producing real estate agents know that maintaining and expanding their client base is paramount to their success. While acquiring new leads is essential, the true gold lies in client retention and referrals. Referred clients tend to be more loyal, offer higher lifetime value, trust more readily, and cost less to acquire. The key to unlocking this gold mine of referrals? Consistent, meaningful follow-up with your clients.

However, many agents struggle with this crucial aspect of business. They know the importance of follow-up but often find it challenging to execute effectively, typically due to time constraints and a sense of awkwardness.

Here at ReminderMedia, we offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to enhance your client retention and referral rate: top-quality, automated, and affordable personally branded magazines. We’ll delve into seven compelling reasons why our magazines are your secret weapon for successful client follow-up.

1. Streamline your client follow-up with automation


Managing client follow-up can be overwhelming, especially as your client list grows. With our personally branded magazines comes a done-for-you, automated system that simplifies the process. We handle everything, from content creation to design to publication. All you need to do is provide us with your photo and recipient list, and we’ll take care of the rest—even the mailing, which we include at no additional cost. Your list is exclusive to you, meaning no one else can mail to your addresses, ensuring your touchpoints remain unique and competition-free.

2. Stay top of mind


Consistency is the linchpin of successful follow-up. Your real estate clients should never forget your name, your face, or the value you provide. Our personally branded magazines help you achieve this effortlessly.

We personalize the magazines with your image and company information in six key locations, giving you a competitive edge. They’re automatically delivered to your designated list every two months, giving your clients a beautiful publication that appears to come directly from your office. Before long, they’ll begin looking forward to its engaging content and stunning visuals, to the point that it becomes a memorable addition to their routine.

3. Impress with professionalism

First impressions matter, and a professionally designed magazine is a powerful way to leave a lasting one. Imagine this scenario: you hand out your business card to a prospect, while another professional offers a distinctive, 48-page, coffee-table-quality magazine with their image and company information. Which of you do you think will stand out and be remembered?

Our personally branded magazines have helped over 100,000 real estate agents and other entrepreneurs retain and gain more business. We coach them to send a free subscription as a closing gift, leave a copy with prospects after listing presentations, bring a stack to open houses, and pass them out at educational seminars and other client events. Such use of this impactful marketing tool will likewise elevate your professional image and make a lasting impression.

4. Tailor your marketing with customization

In today’s world, consumers expect personalized marketing experiences. Sending an email with their name in the subject line simply won’t cut it anymore. Our personally branded magazines for real estate agents offer a wide range of customization options, enabling you to create a personalized experience for each client.

  • Personalize the letter on the Front Inside Cover. Craft unique letters that acknowledge special occasions or achievements or simply express appreciation. Among the many possibilities, agents have used their letters to congratulate clients on their move-in anniversary, wish clients a festive holiday, and share news of an expanding team.
  • Choose from four different magazines. Select content that matches each client’s interests. From health and lifestyle to home and garden to business and travel, our magazines cater to diverse tastes.
  • Promote your message on the covers. Utilize the Back Inside and Back Outside Covers to feature your ads, or choose from our predesigned content. For example, you can use your Back Outside Cover to showcase prize listings.


  • Engage with Tear Out Cards. The two Tear Out Cards in every issue, adorned with your branding, are highly shareable and offer additional opportunities to connect with your clients. We have hundreds to choose from featuring delicious recipes, fun crafts, DIY projects, and much more. We’ll also customize them to meet your needs.

5. Be seen as a gifter, not a marketer

Effective marketing provides value rather than annoyance. Our magazines achieve this beautifully, making their way into homes where they’re cherished for weeks—20% of recipients keep their copy for ten weeks or more, and 80% proudly display it on their coffee or kitchen tables, revisiting it multiple times.* In other words, this isn’t just marketing; it’s a thoughtful gift that sparks reciprocity. When clients appreciate your gesture, they’re more inclined to reciprocate by referring friends and family who need a real estate agent with your expertise.

6. Foster easy conversations

Meaningful conversations are the heart of successful follow-up. Our magazines give you a natural reason to call your clients and engage in valuable discussions. And with a wide variety of content in each issue, finding a good starter is a breeze. Connect with your clients on a personal level by referencing articles, recipes, tips, and more that align with their interests, hobbies, and aspirations. These conversations reinforce your presence in their minds and increase the likelihood of referrals when opportunities arise.

7. Maximize your marketing cost-effectively

You might assume that a personally branded magazine is a costly investment. However, with over 20 years of experience, we’ve optimized our process to make each issue more affordable than a typical Hallmark card. A single converted referral will more than cover the cost of an entire year’s worth of magazines many times over.

Request a free copy today, and we’ll send you a PDF sample of our most recent issue straight to your inbox—we’re confident you’ll be impressed. Plus, we offer a commitment-free first mailing. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel before your next mailing deadline. Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your business’s full potential.


Maintaining and growing a client base is essential for every agent’s success. A personally branded magazine from ReminderMedia offers an easy, effective, and distinctive way to stay connected with your clients. It streamlines your follow-up efforts, ensures consistent visibility, impresses with professionalism, allows for customization, positions you as a thoughtful gift-giver, and encourages conversations, all at a cost-effective price point.

Get a free estimate, and witness how a personally branded magazine will transform your client relationships and follow-up.

*2023 GfK MRI-Simmons reader survey


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