2023 isn’t like anything we’ve seen in recent years.  We know deals are being made, we’ve seen the press releases, but it looks like they are being made by big brokerages with tons of advertising and spending power.


How does a small brokerage compete in this tough market?


I’ve been working with a lot of agents this year that have been on the brink of giving up.

Their problems sound like this:

“I have buyers but no deals.”

“I can’t get my foot in the door of the industry I want.”

“I do NOT want to switch to tenant representation.”


This market is becoming odd.

Pointing at the market and saying, “you’re wrong” is a fool’s errand.

Instead, let’s change our behavior.


In 2023 our problems are flipped. 

The first time in decades, people are reluctant to sell. When your problem is flipped, it’s time to flip your script.  Instead of focusing on buyers, we’re focusing on sellers.

Step #1 – Find property owners in your area.  You can do this with Reonomy or your local records department.

Step #2 – Create a video discussing the property and how much you think they can list for.  Give a price range based on comps, no need to do a full assessment.  This is a pre-assessment.  Explain how you can make this sale easy for them.  Talk directly to the owner of the property about their property.

Note that this video can hit any message you want – explain benefits of sales/leasebacks, explain off-market deals with your buyers, explain how other buildings in the area are going for X amount, explain what you do differently to fill vacancies.  The more specific you can get the better it will work.

Step #3 – Send a text message with an unlisted YouTube link so they can view your “pre-assessment”.

Note: If the cell phone number is not available, you use email (if available), direct message with social media, or print a letter with a QR code that connects to your YouTube video.


Results we’re seeing:

Agents and brokers that have used this strategy have seen major upticks in the number of contracts they are signing.  And not just from the people they have texted, but referrals from those leads.

The CRE agents have been witnessing, “My friend sent me your video, I want a pre-assessment on my property too.”


These aren’t clients dropping from the sky.

These are real leads from a modern strategy.


My clients that are using this strategy are making ~20-40 videos per week and are seeing results in 4-6 weeks.


Et voila, I gave you a strategy that will blow up your leads game for 2023.


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