5 Highly Effective Open House Scripts — From Opening Lines to Follow-Ups

Managing a Prospective Buyer

When to use it:

When speaking to an attendee who is showing serious interest in the property

The problem it solves:

A prospective buyer who demonstrates real interest at an open house represents a huge opportunity. It’s a tricky thing — you don’t want them to feel pressured or rushed, but you don’t want to let them get away without committing to the next step.

The open house script:

“Great to hear that this property is checking some boxes for you. There is a lot of interest, so we are expecting several offers to come in by [offer date]. If you are seriously interested, I’d recommend we schedule a time to discuss or book another walk-through in the next couple of days. What works best for you?”

Why it works:

You’re not using scare tactics or exaggeration of interest but you are letting them know that there is some urgency to the situation. You’re also presenting them with options for next steps — a call or another visit to the listing — and asking them to choose, which gives them some autonomy while still helping you get a commitment on the spot.

Managing Non-Interested Buyers

When to use it:

When chatting with attendees who have made it clear that they’re not interested in the property

The problem it solves:

At most open houses, the majority of attendees won’t be truly interested. That’s just the nature of open houses. If you don’t find a way to engage with those attendees, your open house doesn’t give you much in return. This script helps you get something out of the deal. 

Note: this script requires a printed real estate postcard to give attendees as they’re leaving. It should include the following content:

The open house script:

“Thanks for coming by! I’ll give you this to take home. If you scan the QR code, you can see what other listings we have right now that might better fit the bill. If you’re looking in this area, we have listings on [street name] and [street name] that are definitely worth looking at. Check them out and if you’re interested, there’s a link there where you can book a walk-through. Hope to hear from you!”

Why it works:

Attendees who aren’t interested want to get out quickly. If you try to get them to commit to something on the spot, they’ll likely balk. 

Handing them a take-home postcard while hinting at other listings that might be more in line with their needs is a better move. You’re giving them a call-to-action they can take in their own time and adding some intrigue to help ensure they do indeed follow it.

Following Up

When to use it:

After the open house, to connect with attendees who complete your sign-in form

The problem it solves:

Whether your open house resulted in any offers or not, following up by email with everyone who attended while you (and the listing) are still fresh in their minds is essential. It’s a prime opportunity to bring them into your funnel. The challenge is what to say. This open house follow-up email script gives your recipient some options to choose from.

The open house script:

“Hi [attendee’s first name],

Thanks for coming by the open house at [property address] on [day of week]. It was great to meet you!

Is that a neighbourhood you’re interested in? If so, I’ve got a pretty comprehensive buying guide for the neighbourhood on my site. It includes demographics, home values, buying tips, and a close look at features like schools, parks, restaurants and shopping. 

You can check it (or my other neighbourhood guides) out here [hyperlink].

If you’re just looking casually, feel free to follow me on Instagram: [username; hyperlinked]. I do weekly roundups of the best local listings, and publish video walk-throughs (for anyone who can’t make an open house).

If you see a listing you’re curious about, send me a note or, if you’d like, book a quick call using this link [hyperlink to call-booking tool].

Hope to hear from you! Have a great day.”

Why it works:

This email is personalized (do not send a mass follow-up email), it’s friendly and it provides a few different calls-to-action that your recipient can choose from, depending on their interest and where they are in their buying journey. Each CTA will bring the recipient into your funnel in some way. The tone is helpful, friendly and free of obligation. 

Want another open house follow-up option? Here are a couple more open house follow-up scripts to consider.



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