20 People to Know in Real Estate: Amber Carter

Amber Carter

CEO/founder, Seven Fourteen Realty Inc.

Years in current job: Three

Years in the real estate industry: 10

With high interest rates and low housing inventory, what are your predictions for the local housing market in the coming year?

With higher interest rates and low inventory, I still predict that the local housing market will remain competitive in the coming year. The city of Louisville continues to grow and attract new employers, and that has and will continue to allow our local housing market to thrive year after year.

What has been your biggest surprise (good or bad) when showing a property?

One of the reasons I love real estate is because there’s never a dull moment. There have been so many surprises that I’ve witnessed when showing property that it’s very hard to pick one.

But I always think it’s a surprise when you’re touring property and you may find stray animals, or even people, in homes. It certainly gives you a startle.

What’s the most important thing to homebuyers right now?

The most important thing will always be important — understand your options and hire reputable professionals to assist you with navigating throughout your real estate transaction.

With changes coming to short-term rental regulations, what’s been the appetite for investment properties?

There will always be a need for transient housing. This may hurt some investors with smaller portfolios; however, I encourage those investors to pivot into long-term housing as rental rates have and continue to increase.

Larger investors are still investing with the intent to provide short-term housing. It’s important for those investors to work with a reputable real estate firm that is knowledgeable of any ordinances, requirements, applicable laws, etc.

What barriers must be addressed to make Louisville a more attractive place to live and do business?

The barrier is the lack of homeowners in our minority and underserved communities. It’s imperative that we educate and provide the proper resources to our underserved communities.

Why did you choose a career in real estate?

I chose a career in real estate to be an advocate for people who look like me and who have been victims of housing discrimination. My mission is to continue to serve my community and help to educate underserved communities about the importance of homeownership and building generational wealth, and to communicate that homeownership is obtainable.

What’s Louisville’s best-kept secret?

The food. Louisville has some of the best soul food around.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to build a real estate portfolio?

Most importantly, connect with a trusted real estate firm to assist you with understanding the different investment opportunities that are available. Understand your goals and the market you’re investing in.


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