Top Las Vegas Realtor Conner Sheets on How Caring Wins in Real Estate

You’ll probably find a thousand realtors who claim to care about their clients. But true client-centricity is about more than just a friendly email tone and a social media shoutout. Real estate agents with the best client outcomes have the credentials to back it up.

Enter Conner Sheets. Recently featured as a Top 10 Real Estate Agent, the Japan-turned-Sin City native has 21 years of residential real estate problem-solving behind him. The secret to his success? It’s all in caring about his clients. 

“Living in Japan, you must listen carefully to understand what is being conveyed fully,” he asserts. “Likewise, in real estate, you must listen to understand and find a solution to what the client asks of you. As realtors, we must think outside the box often to keep the machine running and get people what they want: a stress-free home buying and selling process. I pride myself on this—if you don’t see me stressed, you don’t need to be stressed.”

But there’s more to attentive service than hearing the client’s goals and disappearing to work on them. As the Owner and Team Lead of The Sheets Group at EXP Realty, Conner has diversified his offering to level up what he believes is a two-way process. Here are the three building blocks of his selfless approach:

1. Soothing stress for sellers and buyers

The bells and whistles can come later—all real estate transactions start with putting the client at ease. For Conner, this isn’t just about whispering sweet nothings and hoping everything goes as planned. Agents should have the expertise and work ethic to justify their calming words.

“It all centers on trust,” he says. “I encourage my clients to look into my eyes when I tell them I will take care of them no matter what.”

“But knowledge is important too,” he continues. “I know the answer and how to get to it. You should not have to learn a ton of stuff—your realtor will handle it for you.” 

Teaching clients about a transaction and its quirks is integral to Conner’s philosophy. But as for the technicalities you’ll never have to deal with again? Leave those to the professional.

2. Educating, encouraging, and enriching

Education is a buzzword in real estate, but few agents can explain what it means for their clients or how it manifests in deals. The Realtor, once named among the top 250 in Las Vegas, believes learning is much more effective when put into practice.

Agents should continuously improve their skill set and adjust to the constantly changing market. Meanwhile, their clients should take action without overthinking the details. Productive steps include communicating with your realtor to give them a clearer idea of your aims and aspirations.

Taking action could be as simple as reaching out to an agent and then stepping back to allow them to do what they do best. It may be difficult at first, but if you’re working with a caring professional, they won’t take your ‘precious part of life’ lightly.

3. Fostering finances

The Sheets Group might specialize in veteran buyers and sellers with its eyes on the luxury market, but it remains firmly grounded in reality. What better way to care for clients than to provide more services? It reduces wasted time and busy work while decreasing the number of people you need to trust in your future.

“We have taken on a new venture and opened our loan brokerage,” Conner states. “This Mortgage Brokerage will bring our real estate mindset and service to the loan side of a client’s experience.”

Dealing with your ideal home and loan application practically in the same place could make the home-buying process effortless and more accessible. Perhaps the future of client care lies in comprehensive service offerings and one-stop shops for all your real estate needs. Regardless of tomorrow, The Sheets Group’s commitment to client care covers all bases.

Sabrina Stocker is a Features Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, she is originally from the UK and has a storied career in the events and awards business.


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