Threads by Instagram: How to Use The Breakthrough Platform for Real Estate

Instagram Threads is the next great opportunity for real estate agents to make it big on social media. The platform is a new, fresh way to interact with your network.

Instagram has finally launched the biggest app to come along in years: Threads. Offered as an alternative to the very controversial Twitter, Threads is breaking new ground in a simple, fresh format.

It’s only been a week since the social media platform launched, but Threads has all the signs of longevity.

Here’s the thing: not all social media platforms are perfect for everyone and real estate agents certainly don’t need to be on network. Read on to find out if Threads would be a good addition to your real estate marketing plan.

What is Threads by Instagram?

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you’ll feel comfortable on Threads. It is a text-based platform, accommodating 500 characters per post with the option to add links, images, videos, and even gifs.

Many new users say that Threads is reminiscent of the early social media days when posts were authentic and creative. One week after launch and this new platform has no ads, no hashtags, and steers away from any type of sales-y post.

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Pros of Using Instagram Threads for Real Estate Agents

The first step to determine if any social media platform is right for you, is to clarify your intent. Threads is an app that currently thrives on community connection with no ad options. If you’re looking to run a large social media campaign to increase real estate website traffic, this may not be the platform for you. On the other hand, you may benefit from some of the following features:

Best Practices for Using Threads

Be Careful When Linking Your Threads and Instagram Accounts:

Once your Threads and Instagram accounts are linked, they are connected forever. You will be able to change your description and handle, but the accounts will remain connected. The only way to delete one account is to delete the other as well. At best, you can deactivate your Threads profile and maintain an active Instagram profile.

Claim Your Name

Even if you don’t end up using Threads regularly, it’s a good idea to reserve your brand username, just in case you develop more of a presence there in the future.

“Block” Words

A unique feature in Threads is the option to “block” certain words from appearing on your feed.

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Keep Content Authentic and Dynamic

The topics of conversation on Threads are all over the place. silly, artistic, poetic, informational, you name it. The fact is that this audience is more concerned with connecting than consuming.

Focus on Text-based Content

The Threads feed has a similar layout to Twitter in that text-based posts are front and centre. Threads launched with a 500-character limit, nearly 400 characters more than Twitter. To keep your posts interesting, mix up your content types. Threads allows photos and videos of up to five minutes. Users can also post GIFs, however, they have to download the GIF from an external resource.

Expect Familiar Features and Tools

In true Meta fashion, many of the tools and ways of engaging on Threads are familiar and used across Facebook and Instagram. Likes and comments work the same as they do on Instagram. Additionally, users can control who can mention or reply to posts and remove unwanted replies containing specific words. You’ll also be familiar with unfollowing, blocking, screen reader support, reporting accounts, and AI-generated descriptions.

Post More Frequently Than Usual

Threads is more of a conversation thanan announcement. 10 -15 posts per day are normal on this platform, although that may be overboard on others.

No Hashtags and no Ads

Threads is still squeaky clean: no ads and no hashtags competing for attention. Take advantage of this authenticity while it lasts.

What’s Next for Threads Users?

Meta Claims that the next step for Threads is to offer the option to transfer your data from the Threads platforms to another service. That means that if you have a profile on Threads, you will be able to access your content through other apps and enjoy a decentralized approach.

Why not give Threads a try and apply some of these helpful tips? You’ll quickly learn if it is the right app for your real estate marketing strategy or if you prefer to dedicate your marketing efforts to another platform.

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