Survey: Portlanders say homelessness is city's top problem

The latest Portland city budget office survey on residents’ attitudes toward their town puts the city’s 6,000-plus homeless population at the top of their list of concerns.

The Portland Insights Survey, based on 5,290 returned questionnaires, revealed that 44.5% of those surveyed believe homelessness is Portland’s biggest challenge. That’s compared to the 21.8% who believe the city’s cost-of-living is most problematic and the 19.5% who maintain community safety tops the list.

The results jibe with a PBJ survey of business owners earlier this year. In that survey, 91% said homelessness is the city’s biggest issue.

Other issues causing concerns include racial discrimination (3.6%) and global warming (3.4%),

On a related topic, nearly half (49.5%) believe that affordable housing and homeless services is the city’s top service priority. Safety services were identified as such by 25.2% of respondents.

Asked whether they agreed with the statement “Portland is a city everyone can succeed and thrive regardless of their identity,” 31% said they disagreed, 13.7% strongly disagreed, 21.5% agreed and 7.1% strongly disagreed.

Another 37.3% surveyed who’ve moved out of the city said they left to live in more affordable housing.

Asked if they’re satisfied with Portland as a place to live, 36.5% say they’re satisfied, 11.8% are very satisfied, 25.1% are dissatisfied and 10.7% are very dissatisfied.

The city performed the survey with the Regional Research Institute for Human Services at Portland State University.


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