JetBlue Upgrades: What to Know

JetBlue Airways offers some of the best inflight experiences in economy class. However, sometimes you want a little extra room or to splurge on a first-class ticket. With JetBlue upgrades, you can improve your inflight comfort and arrive at your destination happier and more relaxed.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade your JetBlue flight.

Upgrade options on JetBlue

JetBlue flights have three basic seat options: economy, Even More Space and Mint.

Even More Space upgrades

Even More Space seats are available for purchase by any JetBlue passenger. When you upgrade to Even More Space, you receive extra benefits, even if you purchased a Blue Basic economy fare that typically excludes those perks.

These fares provide an extra 7 inches of legroom (up to 38 inches), priority boarding and expedited security screening (where available).

JetBlue Mint upgrades

Mint is the equivalent of first class on other airlines. These premium seats are individual suites with lie-flat seats, aisle access and Tuft & Needle sleep experience.

JetBlue also offers the Mint Studio, which provides extra space for working, lounging and enjoying entertainment. Mint is available on select coast-to-coast, Caribbean and Latin American routes. Plus, it is an option on all transatlantic flights.

While you can buy a Mint ticket on JetBlue, you may be able to save by using cash, points or elite status benefits to get a JetBlue Mint upgrade.

How to upgrade on JetBlue

If you want a JetBlue upgrade, you can make it happen in several ways. Options include using elite status benefits or paying for an upgrade with cash or points.

Buying an upgrade to Even More Space

The price to buy an Even More Space upgrade on JetBlue varies by route. To find out how much it costs for your flight, select an Even More Space seat when booking your ticket or during check-in.

Even if you buy a basic economy ticket on JetBlue, you can still buy an upgrade to an Even More Space seat and receive all of the accompanying benefits.

JetBlue upgrades to Even More Space for Mosaic members

At Mosaic 1, members receive upgrades to Even More Space seating when checking in online, through the JetBlue mobile app, or at the airport 24 hours before their flight.

Mosaic 2 members and above can upgrade their tickets to Even More Space when booking their flights.

JetBlue Mint upgrades for Mosaic members

Perhaps you boarded a JetBlue flight, noticed the roomy Mint seats, and wondered how you might upgrade to Mint JetBlue for free the next time you fly. These upgrades are reserved for JetBlue’s most loyal travelers.

When you reach Mosaic 3 status, you get four complimentary Mint upgrades per year. This allows you to book an Economy ticket, then receive a complimentary upgrade to Mint (when available).

After achieving Mosaic 4 status, you’ll get two more Mint upgrade certificates. All Mosaic perks are good from the date you earn them through Dec. 31st of the following year, so you have at least 12 months to redeem these upgrades.

The bottom line about JetBlue upgrades

Getting an upgraded seat on your flight provides numerous benefits, including more room and priority boarding.

When flying JetBlue, there are several ways that you can get a JetBlue upgrade to your ticket. While buying an upgrade is available, savvy travelers use their JetBlue TrueBlue elite status benefits to get upgraded for free.

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