Hawaii senator asks President Biden for mortgage abatement for Lahaina residents

Hawaii Sen. Angus McKelvey — who represents West and South Maui — recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting for a mortgage abatement program for residents who lost their homes in the Maui wildfires.

“Each passing day without action leads to more families losing their homes, more properties that were passed down from generation to generation slipping away, and more hardworking individuals losing everything they have, through no fault of their own,” McKelvey wrote. “We implore you, Mr. President, to use your unique position and authority to protect Lahaina.”

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Hawaii Senator Angus McKelvey, left, and former State Rep. Kaniela Ing in a PBN file photo.

Tina Yuen PBN

McKelvey asked Biden to instruct the Department of the Treasury to lead a conversation with national banks and their servicing entities to institute a back-end mortgage forbearance program, with interest being waived, for the duration of Lahaina’s rebuilding process, as noted in the letter.

“Similar measures were taken during the Covid-19 pandemic to protect millions of Americans,” McKelvey wrote. “Now, we are seeking the same proactive assistance and leadership from your administration to extend these vital protections to our community, which has been profoundly affected by a tragic series of events.”

Starting on Oct. 8 — two months after the wildfires began on Aug. 8 — West Maui communities north of Lahaina began to reopen to visitors, as previously reported by PBN.


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