Changing lives, one loan at a time

Her approach to leadership is deeply influenced by the idea of empowering others. Cavanaugh credits Katie Sweeney, CEO and chairwoman of AIME, for inspiring this outlook.

“Her belief system has always been that she wants to help people help more people,” Cavanaugh shared. “And I think that that is really a common thread among all of us. There is a pretty significant amount of really top-notch mortgage companies out there of all sizes. There are a couple of female-led mortgage companies out there whom I have immense respect for and collaborate with often because we really do believe that we’re stronger together.

Despite the progress and the presence of like-minded leaders in the industry, Cavanaugh feels that the work is never done. She is committed to continually striving for improvement and growth. “I will never stop waking up every day with the clear objective that if I’m helping people help more people, then I’m doing the right thing with my time,” she said.

Want to get more inspiring insights and leadership tips from Cavanaugh? Listen to her full MPA Talk interview here.


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