AmEx Cardholders Can Get Up to 50% Off Select Amazon Items [Limited Time]

Just in time for Amazon’s Prime Day (July 11 to 12), eligible Prime members with select American Express cards can snag additional discounts.

Now through July 13, 2023, you can score up to 50% off select items by using American Express Membership Rewards to pay for your purchase. This discount isn’t available on every Amazon purchase and will be applied only to products sold and shipped by Amazon.

🤓Nerdy Tip

This is a targeted offer, so the discount you’ll get will vary. To find out what you’re eligible for and activate the promotion, visit

Eligible American Express cards

You’ll be eligible for this targeted offer only if you have an AmEx card that earns Membership Rewards points, including:

Is this a good deal?

When you redeem Membership Rewards on Amazon purchases, each point is worth only 0.7 cent. Generally, you should aim for a point value of 1 cent or higher. But the additional discount you get with this deal could make an Amazon redemption more valuable.

Better yet, you don’t have to use all your rewards simultaneously. Some offers could allow you to snag the discount using as little as 1 Membership Point.

But even if your specific offer requires a higher point threshold, you could still come out ahead. For example, one potential offer you might receive is a 15% discount as long as you use at least 714 Membership Rewards. Say you made an eligible purchase costing $100. After using 714 Membership Rewards, you’d pay roughly $80. Even though your points covered only about $5 of that amount, the $15 discount you’d qualify for by redeeming those points ups the real value of your Membership Rewards to $20, a 2.8-cent value per point.


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